How to join #ourfight


Groups/ Studios

Currently studios are hosting 4,6, 8, and 12 hour marathons but you have flexibility to do whatever works best for your studio (dance party, master classes, performances, dance marathon).

Just pick a date and time! We make it EASY! Ready to start an event?




Options: There are so many ways to get involved and make a difference on your own.

  1. Start your own fundraising page at (Be sure to post on your favorite social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) that you have joined the #OURFIGHT to end Childhood Cancer
  2. Invite 5 friends to join you- This is a super important piece so we can raise $1Million4aCURE! 
  3. Talk to your dance studio, school, dance teachers and invite them to join the fight against childhood cancer


We make it easy to host an event

  • Groups and Studios receive a custom website for registrations and donations
  • We also provide Social media promotion, sponsor packet, a box full of party supplies, shirts, pins, ideas and event liaison
  • Check out to view a live event site. Dancers register online for $20 each and pledge to raise $100 for childhood cancer research by the date of your event. Participants receive their own customizable web page that they can forward requesting online, or mail in donations. All donations are tax deductive.

* events are fully customizable to work best for your studio and costs you nothing* 

Download the flyer below to #joinourfight

(Info Flier) Uniting the Dance World in the FIght Against Childhood Cancer (pdf)